Youth Haven Kids to Raise Money for Hurricane Michael Victims

Naples, Fla. (October 24, 2018) Youth Have children and teens have pledged to send money to those affected by Hurricane Michael. The money will go toward supplies like food and diapers to assist children in need.

The children are raising funds in several ways, including sales of unique handmade items at the Children’s Business Fair, hosted by the Great Naples Chamber of Commerce. At the fair, the kids also hosted a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going toward Hurricane Michael relief. Teens in Youth Haven’s voluntary group home Rob’s Cottage have also set up a donation jar in the common area, and are adding money earned at work and internships.

“Giving back to the community is part of the therapeutic culture we have on campus,” says Executive Director Jinx Liggett. “The youngsters realize we received a lot of assistance from the community after Hurricane Irma, and now they’re eager to do their part.”

“We wanted to give money because they went through a lot and they’re struggling right now,” says one of the teen residents in Robs Cottage. “We feel bad and want to help.”

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