In 2013, 146 Collier County children were removed from their homes.

  • 53% due to caretaker/parent drug or alcohol abuse.
  • 17% for physical abuse
  • 15% due to caretaker/parent incarceration
  • 14% for neglect
  • 13% for abandonment
Florida Outline
Collier County children were the subject of maltreatment investigations in 2013.

children have no family
or support system

stat-heartsYouth Haven provides services to more than 2,400

children and family members

Youth Haven offers a safe harbor for traumatized abused, neglected, and homeless children.

Numerous community sources refer children for shelter at Youth Haven including child protective services, courts, families needing respite, or even the
children themselves. However, the solution to their problems is not simply providing temporary shelter. It is providing youth with the resources they need to improve their resiliency so that they may grow into happy, healthy, productive adults.

The solution includes helping the child find a safe and secure connection with their family or a responsible, caring adult. Youth Haven provides these solutions through programs that create a circle of support, producing real and lasting change for children, families and the community.