The Homeless Teen Transitional Living Program (HTTLP) is the only program in Collier County for youth experiencing homelessness and in need of assistance in their transition to adulthood.  The program provides intensive Case Management with a strengths-based approach that meets the individual needs of youth and encourages them to set and pursue their own goals.  With a Positive Youth Development Perspective, the focus is on a young person’s strengths and potential. The program addresses the various developmental, educational, emotional, social, physical, and mental health needs of homeless youth, utilizes individual service plans and offers life skills classes that promote independence and housing readiness.  Most recently the program integrated older youth in foster care, to help them transition to responsible adulthood.

The goal of the Homeless Teen Transitional Living Program is to help homeless youth make a successful transition to self-sufficient and sustainable living by helping them to heal and build skills that promote a healthy transition into adulthood.

The Transitional Living Cottage, Rob’s Group Home, provides comprehensive 24 hour care, with a longer average length of stay for homeless unaccompanied youth ages 16 to 19.

The Life Skills HUB located in Rob’s Group Home offers weekly life skills classes for all youth on campus ages 14 and older.  Topics include but are not limited to:  Financial Literacy, Budgeting and using credit, Safe and healthy bodies, Cooking, Job readiness, and Educational success.

Drop-in Services at Rob’s Group Home are available to all youth on campus ages 14 and older and to those youth referred from our community partners, as a gateway to stability and personal growth.   Services include but are not limited to:  computer access, mentorships, tutoring, and job search assistance.

Rob’s Cottage is financed in part by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Collier County Community and Human Services Division.